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Longest song in the world

2008-04-20 00:48:11 by New-Milkman

Apparently, the longest song in the world lasts 1000 years. No joke. It's an ambient piece of music that's played by some weird thing call Longplayer. It started January 1, 2000 and it will continue to play untill December 31. 2999, and from there it will repeat itself for another 1000 years. Sounds really dumb, but it's also kind of cool to listen too. Yeah, I just wanted to make a new newspost.


Live MP3 stream:


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2008-04-20 17:15:39

Interesting, be fun to check up on this through the years :D


2008-04-22 21:55:05

haha. I actually have that on my itunes playlist.


2008-04-23 20:41:54

Whats with gold in middle of the record?

New-Milkman responds:



2008-04-25 18:20:18

Fuck, no way, that's amazing. I was going to make a song that was 100 minutes long or so, and I thought that was a lot. Damn.

New-Milkman responds:

100 minutes is long, it's just that this is made by a machine. You could still do one for the longest song done by a human!


2008-05-04 20:55:41

I wrote a song that's a million years long, so there! Oh, and you can't listen to it because the file's too big to show it to anyone. =/

Quick question, is that 1000 years including leap years?

New-Milkman responds:

Maybe... I wonder if they thought of that?


2010-03-04 16:10:08

Anyhow.. Some says the world ends in 2012.. so it might end then :P


2012-04-24 18:06:19

Wrong, the longest song is like, 1.64 million years long!

I read it in a magazine that had the top 5 longest songs, the first is one that's over a million years in length and is compromised of a tune that loses its harmony and then very slowly regains it, if it ended now, our primate selves would just be getting fire worked out ;)