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Weekly NGAP Top 5 Archive!

Posted by New-Milkman - November 1st, 2007

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So I'm gonna see how long I can keep this list going for...

UPDATED 12/07/07 - Now putting up 90-character descriptions or a small quote of the author descriptions when I start putting the songs up. Chances are that they might change, and I will change them as well if someone notices and if I feel like putting up their new ones.... and added user page links a couple hours later :)

ALSO: Rig has a helpful newspost that you should check out, whether you're an audio artist or want to know more about the audio portal.

Rig: Audio Portal/ Audio Artist - helpful links


Karco - Temple by Karco [Ambient]
- "BEST ambience since I started, including everything from piano, to acoustic guitar, to rich pads, to terrific FX made in pretty much the most original way possible..."

-Imm- Crisis (Pt. 2) (OM) by Dj-Immune [Trance]
- "Has no similar melodies to the original Crisis, but HEY, it has most of the same samples"

Psybot - Heaven cries 2008 by Psybot [Trance]
- "I guess some ppl have waited a long time for this song. well here it is, the newer verision of Heaven cries from 2005."

*Lighting Trigger* / ZeRo BaSs by ZeRo-BaSs [Dance]
- "Oldskool Rave Hardcore. *Music is more Powerful than you Could Possibly Imagine*"

Karco - Contrast by Karco [Trance]
- "... it started as a hard trance song inspired by DJ Space Raven... but past that point some uplifting trance influences started working their way in and by the end it was a nice blend of the two..."

Featured Artist: Sonic-Freak [Most prominent genre -Video Game]

-Imm- Cave by Dj-Immune [Ambient]
- "Good for maybe a flashback scene or possibly just a sad end credits, or a beautiful/epic setting..."

(DJ Martcore) Next generation by DJ-Martcore [Trance]
- "Very proud of this one.. :) It is all smooth and trancy like always..."

End of Summer by FlamingFirebolt [Dance]
- "A happy song! it isnt my best but kinda worhty to upload i think. enjoy ;) more to come ( probably less happy )"

Electronic Symphony by PsyWoofers [Trance]
- "This is the final version of the remix of one of our own tracks, Electronic Symphony!..."

Pink Shotglasses by howli [General Rock]
- "I wrote this last year on piano, and I just remembered it!..."

Featured Artist: RemiLegend [Most prominent genre - Classical]

Dumdy Dnb by Chromatronic [Drum 'N Bass]
- "Some unfinished thing I found layin around."

[TMM43]Digital Abuse by TMM43 [Trance]
- "I had fun making this, it's a little repetitive, but whatever. Enjoy!"

TiedTheRoomTogether by nubbinownz [Drum 'N Bass]
- "Just a very short interlude i setup, nothing special. Was originally just an effects test."

SMRPG Forest Maze Remix by mariomusicmaker1 [Video Game]
- "my title names are all used up because this is MY 200TH SONG ON NG!..."

"Hes a Pirate prev" Nintechno by Nintechno [Trance Loop]
- "First bit is by 'Hans Zimmer' and the second is 'Dj Tiesto' Then MINE!..."

Featured Artist: SOMNAMBULA [Most prominent genre - Heavy Metal]

-Imm- Gate (Original Mix) by Dj-Immune [Trance]
- "Well, here's what you have all (hopefully) been waiting for... a new Trance song....Might be the last Trance song I will submit here."

~The Girl From Memory Planet~ by hania [Miscellaneous]
- "I hope you all enjoy this song - it's strange, a different sound all together - but I think the mood works for this character..."

Track Awaiting Audio Aproval

Dj Otherworld - Cursed Pyramid by raretools [Drum 'N Bass]
- "Imagine yourself trapped inside a pyramid.; You run through hallways, avoid traps; You must get out. You must get out fast..."

The Two Demons by Sephora [Industrial]
- "Integration and cooperation of two demons."

Featured Artist: x-kinetiK-x [Most prominent genre - Trance]

_-={For My Lady}=-_ by MaestroRage [Classical]
- "Over the years i've had the great fortune to work with a very talented and gifted young woman who we know as LadyArsenic.... This song is a small token of my thanks to her and all she's done for me..."

Mega Man X2 | Zero's Theme v3 by DarKsidE555 [Heavy Metal]
- "After a damn long time in the works, this tune finally got it's third and last revival. I made my first cover of this in late 2005 when I just started with recording..."

Fuck Your Real Guitar w/Guitar by Eternalreich [Heavy Metal]
- "This is one of Hating4AM's demo tracks wich he programed drums bass and guitars on..."

Lights on the floor by Silent0ath [Drum 'N Bass]
- "this is my 1st classic D n B.. and its short.. :( if i have made it long i guess it would have been to repitative or somthin..."

Landfall by cycerin [Drum 'N Bass]
- "This is the best of my "dark" stuff to date. Call it what you want, I'd say it's DnB, perhaps darkstep..."

Featured Artist: cnshadow [Most prominent genre - Industrial]

_-={The Deads Witness}=-_ by MaestroRage [Classical]
- "An older project made a long time ago for the Wulfpack..."

"POTC - Up Is Down" Nintechno by Nintechno [Trance]
- "Hey Everyone! This is my remix of 'Up Is Down' from the third pirates of the Caribbean movie, At World's End..."

In Imagination 2 [sample 2] by Seven-Too-Five [Dance Loop]
- "...and its finally here and ready for you to listen too - please enjoy..."

Through the Horizon <(^^,)> by Sp1r1T [Dance]
- "Tiiiiiiiiiiny Project that I spent about 3-4 hours of 2 days on..."

==(Northern Light)== by SBB [Ambient]
- "Dreamy piano, powerful drums, analog sounding bass and soft pads are what makes most of this song what it is..."

Featured Artist: nickcivi [Most prominent genre - Miscellaneous]

Out of my League cover by JAZZA [Pop]
- "anyhow, she showed me this song (the original) and i liked it, and it grew on me the more i listened to it, so i gave it a go...."

Mad World - Rock by Sasha-Tarquin [Rock]
- "I saw JAZZA's cover of this on the front page and remembered how much i love this song so i decided to do my own cover..."

Dreaming of You <(^^,)> by Sp1r1T [Dance]
- "Inspired by Basshunter, I made this Eurodance song..."

(WF1) Shaolin Temple 1.0 by wyldfyre1 [Ambient]
- "A temple of monks sit around a fire meditating to music. Looking up you see the bluest sky you've ever seen in your life..."

"Played-a-live" Nintechno by Nintechno [Trance]
- "This is a remix of Safri Duo's song: 'Played-a-live' (duh), also known as 'The Bongo Song' . I tried to make it as original as possible- without losing the 'flair' and 'style' that the real one does..."

Featured Artist: Rickbass21 [Most prominent genre - General Rock]

Green, Piano(NB Remastered) by Jurian [Jazz]
- "This is my improved version of my previous published song, Green, piano. This is my second song in the Piano series..."

::Z::Melodies of Life by Zajed [Video Game]
- "take on of the best piano songs ever, and a full ass of work and what you get..."

Techno Meets Hip Hop by TheEyeOfMusiK [Miscellaneous/ Techno/ Hip-Hop]

++ The Journey Begins ++ by kelwynshade [Video Game]
- "You know that song you hear in any typical RPG where your hero begins his journey by exploring the outside world for the first time..."

Mad World Cover by JAZZA [Pop]
- "Basically i got an urge to record, and i love this song and the emotions it invokes. i didn't know weather or not to submit it because i didnt write it, it's a cover (i added a key change though)..."

Featured Artist: Acti [Most prominent genre - Techno]

Winterbliss by cycerin [Trance]
- "Progressive trance with (yet more) orchestral themes. Kinda ambient, I dunno. It's cute, and loopable. :D"

Watch it all fly by by
by fat-barry [Funk]
- "I hope you enjoy this song i tried to make it as upbeat and cheerful as possible, well to an extent anyway..."

Chrono Eternity (B0UNC3 Remix)
by B0UNC3 [Trance]
- ">It's here!!!! Chronamut - Chrono Eternity (B0UNC3 Hardcore Remix).... Not MIXED... Remake of Radical dreamer from Chrono Cross (PSX)"

HighestBeat(demo) by APPSmusic [Dance]
- "This is the song Im working on, and so far how much i finished, I like the intro but then in the end a bit sloppy but il fix it later..."

Phillip J. Fry by Peptotrippin [Drum 'N Bass]
- "Futurama, anyone? [Remake of the TV theme]..."

Featured Artist: c-h-l-o-e [Most prominent genre - Miscellaneous]

{PhysX} Beat is Coming {RMX}
by PhysX [Trance]
- "Listen for the strings in the background at 1:35 =)"

{CW} Abyss {Remastered Final} by CrimzonWolf777 [Trance]
- "But all i really did was add a lil more to the beatand remastered it. so i hope you all like this version better..."

~Inspiration~ -hania by hania [Classical Rock]
- "My inspiration,; We're chasing the world on fire; Can you hear it?; The roar of a whole empire..."

MMBN2 Title Screen by Zero-Resurrected [Video Game/ DnB]
- "DnB remix of the Mega Man Battle Network 2 Title Screen."

Metal Acoustic by CyriltheWolf [Heavy Metal]
- "I am not joking guys. If you have ever heard of Miyavi? Well this is him, with a ton more metal. Random Solos FTW!..."

Featured Artist: Fp-3urton [Most prominent genre - Techno]

-Control: Crowd- by Waterflame [Techno]
- "Part 1 of 3 in my series of CONTROL. 5:46 minutes of mean techno!..."

Newgrounds: Still Alive (BETA) by sonicmega [Miscellaneous]
- "The lyrics are nearly finished, but my only lead to the instrumental song cuts off at an undesirable point, which is causing problems..."

_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_ by MaestroRage [Classical]
- "This song depicts Newgrounds and all it's users... by showing you each aura that is available to the users here...."

Technoraptorical--_--GOA by ZENON [Trance]
- "I wanted this piece to REEK of perfection, so I tried my absolute hardest and used every trick that I had learned about Goa along the way..."

┬┤Kriz: Reaching For You by Kr1z [Trance]
- "First attempt (ever) on deep trance... Contains a more complex bassline, more rhythmic hihats and more spheres."

Featured Artist: DjNoizze [Most prominent genre - Techno]

Frog's Piano -XvN- by Xavon [Video Game]
- "This is the result of just some tinkering, simple FL keys with some reverb, and my love for video game music..."

Tundra by Winterwind-NS [Trance]
- "Inspired by the early works by Ferry Corsten under the name System F..."

** Tunnels Of Melting Ice ** by uziwave [Ambient]
- "Finally i finished making this piece of Art. it sounds creepy and scary..."

Trippicrunched Christmas by ImperfectDisciple [Video Game]
- "Re-wrote "Christmas Bitcruncher" with more of the 8-bit feel since the first time wasn't good enough for the MAC..."

Wreck The Halls by Casualty [Heavy Metal]
- "Welcome to the shittiest cover of Deck The Halls you'll ever hear! What are you waiting for? Listen to the fucking track, k?"

Featured Artist: Vulpyro [Most Prominent Genre - Ambient]

Sand Castles by Milkman-Dan and Bad-Man-Incorporated [Classical/ General Rock]
- "I would like to thank Bad_Man_Incorporated for his considerable guitar solo contribution..."

_-={Wolf Team}=-_ by MaestroRage [Classical]
- "This song is a remix from the lobby music that you hear in the game "Wolf Team" by Softnyx..."

_-={An Unseen Dance}=-_ by MaestroRage [Classical]
- "It is a story about spirits from all over the world and cultures, forsaken and abandoned in thought and mind alike..."

(BMI) - Billy Bean Theme Song by Bad-Man-Incorporated [Miscellaneous Loop]
- "Made this song, for my good friend and flashmaker BILLY-BEAN..."

{PhysX} Final Destination 2 by PhysX [Techno]
- "(This is the sequel to Final Destination)... What do you think of the Cathedral Chorus and Organ?"

Featured Artist: DanPaladin [Most Prominent Genre - Techno]

Final Fantasy: Biomechanics by bitium-ribbon [Video Game]
- "This song come from a long-standing desire to mix one of my all-time favourite Final Fantasy songs..."

I Am Insane (yes sir) by Dj-Fanta5t1c [Industrial]
- "Voodo & serano, scarf, and more (i forget) been working my ass of on this song. one of the best from me..."

FF/SoE: Secrets of the Sands by bitium-ribbon [Video Game]
- "I love this song. I love how it came together."

Total Payback by Chrizzly [Heavy Metal Loop]
- "Felt I had to submit something to the portal, so I made this rocking loop for ya Grounders!"

Iron Man (Black Sabbath Cover) by himenow [Heavy Metal]
- "I recorded the guitar part, except for the solos, which I just kinda fumbled around with notes..."

Featured Artist: speile [Most Prominent Genre - Miscellaneous]


[Kriz & F-777] - Taken by Kr1zF-777 (a.k.a. F-777 and Kr1z) [Dance]
- "Our second collab! I think when we combine our skills we do pretty awesome =D. Review?"

Descent to Hardcore Hell by Chromatronic [Miscellaneous]
- "Experimental Hardcore for ya."

Blu Bo Indigo by Chromatronic [Miscellaneous]
- "Another Glitchey VG IDM track."

Cello Concerto no. 1 3rd mvnt by MusicalRocky [Classical]
- "Finally, the last mvnt is here! This one's in C minor (for you, Winter). Enjoy."

Substance of the Unconscious by UnordinaryDragon [Trance]
- "This song is intended to be slow so vote and review likewise."

Featured Artist: RealFaction [Most Prominent Genre - Industrial]

"Before Mydnite" F-777 by F-777 [Dance]
- "Mydnite made me a new header. So this song is dedicated to her =D. (Psybots idea)"

Major Tom RemiX by Brunzolaitis [Dance]
- "A take on the german Peter Schilling classic."

"One Last Hope" F-777 by F-777 [Dance]
- "Really emotional. Let me know what you think =D."

~'{The Power Within}'~ by Kid2Will [Miscellaneous]
- "Only fits Misc. I've spent a ton of time on this song, I hope you enjoy!"

All The Things You Said by jnry3 [Pop]
- "1 month, 100 work-hours. All for my girl, and our 5 years together. ^_^"

Featured Artist: game-maniac22 [Most Prominent Genre - Ambient]

_-={An Endless Desert}=-_*Ext* by MaestroRage [Classical]
- "A man walks through an endless desert day after day after day and vows to make it through!"

-Radioactive- by Waterflame [Techno]
- "About 4 minutes of mean angry techno!"

The-Donkey: A Personal Ode by sonicmega [Miscellaneous]
- "A sequel to the Ode to Rucklo, done on the spot for my bestest friend, The-Donkey.

"Above The Clouds" F-777 by F-777 [Dance]
- "Im not happy with the intro, i didn't really spend much time on this song...But enjoy =D."

{PhysX} Final Destination by PhysX [Techno]
- "I will have Final Destination 2 done before Christmas. Enjoy! =)"

Featured Artist: audiosyncratic [Most Prominent Genre - Miscellaneous]

~Silver Memory~ -hania by hania [Classical]
- "Rough draft for collab. Up for it? Let me know if you wanna have a play with. :)"

AP - Under Fire by andrew-parker [Classical]
- "a short filmscore i composed for an intense scene"

The Sins Of Gods by Bad-Man-Incorporated [Heavy Metal]
- "Angelsdontkill on the music, me on vocals. Little death, black metal, and viking.enjoy\m/"

Enigmatic Journey by Sephora [Ambient]
- "Mixture of genres; hard bass/beats and a combination of ambient sounds."

~'{Winter Aura}'~ by Kid2Will [Trance]
- "Yay for winter! Only time of the year when Texas isnt above 90 degrees XD."

Featured artist: Prolicks [Most Prominent Genre - Ambient]

~Burden~ by hania [Goth]
- "piano, vocals. Sad. Goth might not be the right genre?"

[Dj-U] Happiness Remix by Dj-UnKnOwN [Trance]
- "i was bored one day....A more ambient trance sort of track of my other song Happiness."

_-={Subito Crudelo}=-_ by MaestroRage and LadyArsenic [Classical]
- "Collab with LadyArsenic, the cruel fate for a bride spirit, left at the cathedral V2.0"

The Unfathomable Cycle of Life by Xenogenocide [Heavy Metal]
- "Using mostly chords instead of powerchords to try and generate a new unique sound"

Run From The Robots by OffTheWall [Techno]
- "A story about a boy running away from robots.......(someone please make a video) =)"

Featured Artist: Danman87 [Most Prominent Genre - Classical]

*[GloW]* by Sp1r1t [Trance]
- "Short song, Tried mastering it ;P Rate and Review plz. Damn thats repetitive xD"

Journey of a Kite by jnry3 [Classical Rock]
- "Instrumental about the journey of a kite into the air."

The Dawn- Sonata by MJTTOMB [Classical]
- "Part one of the final movement of my Darkness Suite Op. 1. Rate/Review"

=[O]= Mindless [Club Mix] by 0con [Trance]
- "Coming back with a bit of trance for you NG! Hope you all enjoy this one =)"

B0UNC3 - Crying Soul (FL Mix) by Pyroific [Trance]
- "I think it sounds accurate to the original, please review! <3"

Featured Artist: Sasha-Tarquin [Most Prominent Genre - Video Game]




You did not include tops from past weeks

I am not satisfied

I just started the list this week.

Your name will probably be in the next one, so


Heh. I think this might work. Depends on how long you keep it up. ;D

Ye, I'm a gonna be a-Bot for a bit?

(See what I did thar?)

Duuuuuuuude....that's a GREAT idea. I wish I had thought of it first &gt;:(

It's ok, I was inspired by your/ DSM's list of audio arist's programs and hardware ^^

Good idea there lad! This is certainly something to look after from time to time...lol, statwhore! &gt;:(

It isn't whoring if I don't get any money >:(

Nice jerb! This is where i'm going to be finding my new Newgrounds favorites, since I won't have the time to check every week.


You're welcome. You can also find favorites by looking at other people's favorites.

EXAMPLE: http://rucklo.newgrounds.com/favo rites/

By the way, why don't you put your stuff on MY list? :)

I dunno.... did just now because you brought that up ;) lol

I think I was close to getting on the weekly top 5 for 11/09/07. I had one song with 20 something votes and a 4.6 or something like that... and then it dropped to a 4.3 something and I didn't make the cut...
One day I'll be good enough to be up there...

Aw... you'll be in the list in due time.

Yey! Made it to the 11/01/07 list! ^_^ Happy, happy me!

Horay for being on the very first part of my list! ... I mean weekly top 5!

in before rule 10.


i found more poeple daring to make more lists of lists than conclude more lists.
hly sht

What can I say? Lists are in this year.

Hey, do you know how the featured artist is picked? I haven't a clue (one of those random A-bot things? or is there a formula I may have missed?)

I think blog lists are the way of the future, maybe there should be a NG front page list also? Actually, that may be something I could start... and there's the old ones in a news post somewhere...
*goes off to start yet another audio list*

Actually, if your talking about the 4 front page songs on NG, there's a thread:

http://www.newgrounds.com/bbs/top ic/389116

Yup, got it started.

Also, this weeks top 5 has F-777's collab alt at no. 1
Jeez, 4 top 5's in 3 weeks and last 2 weeks at top spot?
Does this guy ever stop?!
It's all good though ;D

That's right, there's a new top 5 today :O
And yeah, a big shout to F-777 for doing so good on the list, I think he's gonna be a really well known NG artist if he keeps up his great work!

I stopped by your page, I had to say, nice user image/banner. If it weren't for your name (New-Milkman :P) it would actually be something awesome that could be taken seriously. XD

Ah, well.

lol, thanks?

It was a cool image, and I desperately needed a new one. So I added stars, and then I had myself a banner and user image.

Hey - I'm not RigAudio anymore! :)
Might wanna update that link.


Dude I love you, I love this idea and Ive bookmarked this page.

Thank you so much!

Mmmm... love.... <3

im not posting a shitty ass review.

this is cool.
and im not flaming your shit either :P

later NGer!

Score: 0 / 10
Summary: wtf
Review: wow
Yes, that is a shit "+1 review". You should actually try and say why it sucks before giving a 0. No one wants to see a bad score without a reason why you think it sucks ;)

Needs Updating *Wink*

I got top 5 again XD

You think I would forget? SHAME ON YOU!


YAY! I am #1

Hey good list, this will definately come in useful for referancing

Thanks :)